Crime Prevention Kenya Seminar Series
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  • Welcome to Crime Prevention Kenya

    We are sponsored by Open Society and work in partnership with the Kenya School of Government and the United States International University of Nairobi.

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  • Meet the Team

    We have a number of brilliant volunteers that help us run the Seminars each month and everything in between.

    Our Project Manager is Professor Kennedy Mkutu Agade and he has a number of project assistants as well as coordinators at the venue and back at USIU.

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  • Governors Conference 2014

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    e-Learning Course on Urban Crime and prevention 2014

    Crime Prevention Annual Meeting

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Kenyan News

Kenyan Cheif fights crime using Twitter.
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Resurgence of criminal gangs from
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Our News

  • Cybercrime | A flaw in cash machines [ATM's]
    A flaw in cash machines that allows criminals to quickly steal wads of cash has been discovered.   Cybercrime, is a real threat and the biggest challenge is, it keeps on evolving! Cyber criminals now target institutions directly, and financial institutions are top on the...
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  • Burrowing Burglars
    Where ‘Criminal Underworld’ Is More Than a Euphemism MANCHESTER, England—Sometime after midnight one morning in March, burglars here squeezed into a 50-foot-long tunnel they had dug and burrowed through the floor of a local convenience store. They then broke into an ATM on the premises,...
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  • CRIME AND CONFLICT | The new challenge for peacebuilding
    CRIME AND CONFLICT The new challenge for peacebuilding Military theory asserts that while the essence of war does not change, its character does. Dominant forms of violent conflict have evolved throughout human history alongside other societal practices and phenomena. Influencing factors include shifting geo-political dynamics;...
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